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Executive Virtual is a company specializing in charter flights. From its main HUB´s in Madrid (LETO) and Barcelona (LEBL), Executive VA operates its domestic and international flights. With the most modern and reliable aircraft, the capacity and quality of its operations across the globe, make Executive VA a reference in the private commercial aviation.

As in real-life Executive Airlines, Executive VA was born in 2009 in order to remain faithful to the actual operations of its real-life sister. However, we stumbled upon the fact of not having many virtual models that simulate the actual fleet. Moreover, the vast majority of fans to flight simulation style appliances usually fly B737 or A320, medium twin-engines and heavies in general. If we sitck to both reasons we understand the difficulty of growing Executive VA, and specially when our own pilots requested the inclusion of new and different aircraft.


These were the reasons that led to the growth of Executive VA, and by wich we create multiple divisions within the VA. Currently, Executive VA is divided into four divisions:

  • - Executive Charter.- Charter flights to any destination worldwide. L45, C550, C680, C750, Falcon, BBJ,....
  • - Executive Regular.- Domestic and international scheduled flights. ATR, E145, E190, B737, A320, B747, A340....
  • - Executive SkyCargo.- Domestic and international cargo flights. B190, DHC6, B734QC, B757, B777,....
  • - Executive Helicopters.
  • - STS/HOSP flights, aerial photography, executive transport. R22, R44, B412, A109,....


Thank´s to the Ivao network, and our presence in FSAirlines.net, we ensure tha ability to fly as close to reality, to manage our fleet and routes the most proffesional way possible, always leaving a margin for the novice or for those who prefer to enjoy their hobby in a not so proffesional way. In addition, our fleet has single-engine and multi-engine light aircraft for different uses and operations.


You can find information on our operations through the menus on this page, but we invite you to register on our forum at www.simulacionaerea.org and ask us all the questions you may have. If you are thinking about to get behind the wheel of a beautiful Citation X, or transport a radio-telescope from Torrejón to Gran Canaria, or simply to emulate the Madrid-Barcelona air shuttle with an A320, stop by our forum and catch up!


Executive VA Staff.